Lend a hand!

If you are feeling so led to give - be it a tip, a urge you feel to support Church Hosting, or you have $5 sitting in your pocket and just feel like "Man, Chuck Needs This!" Any of these options are open for giving. It's not required, it's not me begging, but I've found God directing me if folks want to give, this is how you can do it!

Credit Card Donation


I appreciate any amount given!

PayPal Donation

It's quick and easy, and any amount helps! If you can give please lend a hand!

Patreon Giving

You can also be a part of our Pateron Program and give regularly if you so desire by going here.

Giving via Ko-Fi

Venmo Donation


Check Giving

Want to give old school? Checks can be made Payable to:

Charles Brown
3501 Mallview Rd.
Suite 115-162
Bakersfield, CA 93306